Obesity and other weight-related problems have now got a lot of solutions to get rid. One of the main areas of excess fat in the abdominal area which needs the proper attention to reduction. Basic exercises can reduce only to some extent the tummy fat to reduce to a maximum extent there are surgeries like tummy tuck procedure which help the patient to reduce tummy fat permanently. This procedure is not liposuction only the excess fat and extra skin due to sagging is removed from the abdominal area. Both men and women can undergo tummy tuck, but it is not suitable for women who are still planning for children.

Most of the weight loss surgeons at Clínica Renueva suggest liposuction along with tummy tuck procedure to get better advantage of losing excess fat around the abdomen. The main reason for women not to undergo this type of surgery is that the fat muscles are removed vertically which can open during a delivery time or pregnancy time which can be dangerous. There is two type of tummy tuck surgeries one is the complete type and other one mini/partial abdominoplasties. Mini tummy tuck procedure is done for patients who have less fat considerably stored below the naval which require very less incision and the time taken to do this also very less. The scars are not so visible after the plastic surgery, but still, doctors suggest certain creams and ointment for the removal of scars.

Proper care must be taken during after the surgery, and rigorous exercises must not be done to avoid removal of stitches etc. Insurance coverage must be checked upon since many insurance companies don’t provide coverage for certain cosmetic surgeries but if there is a hernia to be removed then it can be combined with tummy tuck procedure, and the amount can be claimed. Today many are conscious of their body structures and undergo a variety of treatments for regaining beauty and perfect structures. To help such type of people, some surgeons help them to come out of their problem. Post surgery care must be taken to avoid storage of excess fat again. Weight loss surgeries remove part of your stomach and reduce the intake of calories invariably reduce the amount of food for intake.

Though the success rate of the surgery is high, there are chances for side effects like pain in the operated area, numbness, swelling, blood clots, bleeding etc. Always choose best surgeons who have experience in doing these procedures so that there are no complications later on. Complete rest is required to recoup so that the patient can do all work like everybody. Most of the time surgeons suggest a combination of surgeries along with tummy tuck to provide the maximum benefit to the patient. Recovery time depends on the patient’s health condition so that complete rest can provide quicker recovery and return to normal health. The time taken for the procedure is around 2-5 hrs depending on the type of procedure done. These procedures are mainly done to bring in the lost confidence in both men and women and move up in the life with more self-esteem.